We are capitalizing according to the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s Regulation A+, which means an individual does not have to be an accredited investor to take part in our investment plan.

We believe in the cannabis industry’s long-term growth. By undertaking intense financial due diligence, we will continue to identify innovative cannabis companies to add to our growing portfolio. Your investment could help launch the next big player in the cannabis space.

Invest in the company that is propelling the cannabis industry forward.

Changing attitudes toward cannabis is no doubt a factor in market growth and upward consumer trends. New Frontier Data reports that in the U.S., cannabis sales are poised to surpass the USD $50 billion mark in 2025.

We are creating a path for investment in early-stage companies that are being primed to become players in the growing cannabis space. With support in capital raising these companies are primed to become some of the industries heavy hitters.


Your investment in Cocannco gets you in on the ground floor.

What exactly is a Regulation A+ offering?

When a company qualifies a Regulation A+ offering with the SEC, it allows them to sell shares to the general public, making it possible for almost anyone to invest, not just accredited millionaires. Regulation A+ was signed into law as part of the JOBS Act in 2012. This Act enables entrepreneurs greater access to capital and democratizes the ability to invest in high-growth companies by allowing non-accredited investors to participate. Before Regulation A+, private companies could only accept investments from accredited investors – that’s only the wealthiest 2% of Americans!

So how much can you invest in Cocannco?

  • The minimum investment is only $250
  • The current share price is $2

Make your investment.

Get in on the ground floor of the company that is accelerating the cannabis industry forward!