About Cocannco

Thesis for Investing:

The cannabis industry is poised for tremendous growth.
Intense financial due diligence can identify scalable Cannabis companies.
When given access to funding, proven cannabis companies will scale.
Companies that scale early through accelerators will quickly achieve market dominance.
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Cocannco identifies, funds, and develops proven cannabis companies that are ready to scale.

We believe in the long-term success of the cannabis industry and, as such, we help build sustainable businesses. We’re committed to accelerating the success of the companies we invest in, and in turn, increasing our shareholder value.

Interested in Joining Our Portfolio?

Cocannco exists to solve the biggest problem within the market: Cannabis companies’ lack of access to capital.

Cannabis businesses are unable to legally access traditional funding. That’s where we come in.

Cocannco provides our portfolio of carefully selected, proven cannabis companies with access to funding, helping them scale and develop into sector leaders.

But beyond the issue of acquiring capital, we’ve identified that another major challenge that hinders cannabis companies’ ability to scale revolves around “credibility” – In the cannabis industry there’s been no credible source keeping track of financials since banks have not been involved.

Our team of industry veterans (who have decades of experience in banking, compliance and legal) will guide our portfolio companies and give them access to resources that will help them scale and achieve profitability, as well as add a level of professionalism and credibility that’s often missing in the industry.

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